Joe Griffith Law Firm, LLC represents individual investors against stock brokers and securities brokerage firms in cases both in court (state and federal) and arbitration.

JGLF uses its experience and resources to help individual investors recover damages from stock brokers and their firms for the following types of improper conduct:

Churning: Churning is the excessive trading of securities. Stockbrokers are generally paid for executing trades in customers' accounts. If an account is excessively traded, the broker will earn more in commissions. If the trades are for the purpose of generating commissions rather than for a legitimate investment purpose, the broker has "churned" the account.

Unsuitable Trading: Rules of the New York Stock Exchange and the National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc. require brokers to learn their customers' investment objectives and risk tolerance. If a broker makes recommendations inconsistent with the customer's stated investment objectives and the customer suffers losses, the broker and his firm can be held liable.

Unauthorized Trading: Unless you have given your broker written authorization that gives the broker discretion to trade securities in your account, he/she is required to discuss every trade with the customer in advance. Many times, brokers trade without proper authorization hoping that the trade will make money, in which event the customer will not generally complain. Since the brokerage business is based largely upon oral conversations, you should complain immediately if your broker is making unauthorized trades. If you sustain losses because of unauthorized trading, you may be able to recover damages.

Other Types of Actions: Some brokers may either overstate or understate certain matters in connection with stocks in order to induce customers to buy them. Remember, brokers must sell securities to get paid. If a customer suffers losses as a result of a broker's misrepresentations or if the broker omits information that he should have disclosed, a customer who suffers losses may have a valid claim against the broker and his firm.

Joe Griffith Law Firm, LLC represents senior citizens who, unfortunately, are often victims of securities and stock fraud. According to the American Association of Retired Persons ("AARP"), nearly 25% of older Americans say that their broker did not tell them how much their investment transactions would cost them. Twenty percent say their advisors did not ask them about their personal financial goals before recommending investments. Clearly, older investors are attractive targets for securities fraud because most have saved substantial funds for their retirement.

When you have questions concerning legal matters involving stocks or securities, or when you need to talk to a securities fraud lawyer regarding a securities or stock litigation issue, please do not hesitate to Contact The Law Firm. JGLF will prepare a comprehensive, compelling case for your right to receive monetary compensation for any damages you or your loved ones may have suffered due to a securities, stock or commodities fraud. JGLF will investigate the facts, assess your claim, determine which parties and insurance companies are to be held responsible, organize all of the details of your case and pursue it vigorously in settlement negotiations or at trial or arbitration. JGLF stands ready and capable to provide our clients the highest caliber of professional service, with a personal touch and a friendly attitude.

JGLF can be reached at 843-CALL-JOE (843-225-5563), or Contact The Law Firm via the online form.

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