A serious and catastrophic personal injury or wrongful death can arise from a wide variety of medical malpractice, medical negligence or defective medical product causes, including but not limited to the following:

Allergist malpracticeGeneral surgeon medical malpracticeOsteopath medical malpractice
Anesthesiologist malpracticeGeneticist medical malpracticeOtolaryngologist medical malpractice
Aortic stent implant accidentGeriatric medical malpracticeOtorhinolaryngologist medical malpractice
Audiologist malpracticeGynecologist medical malpracticePain management specialist medical malpractice
Back surgery accidentHair implant accidentPathologists medical malpractice
Bacterial infection accidentHand surgery accidentPediatrician medical malpractice
Birth injury accidentHealth care provider negligencePerinatologist medical malpractice
Birth-related neurological accidentHeart transplant accidentPeriodontist medical malpractice
Birth traumaHeart surgeon medical malpracticePharmaceutical accident
Bone cast setting negligenceHematologist medical malpracticePharmacist malpractice
Bone marrow transplant accidentHemorrhoid surgery accidentPharmacy negligence
Bone plate implant accidentHip replacement accident or personal injuryPhysician malpractice
Bone screw implant accidentHistopathologist medical malpracticePhysical therapist medical malpractice
Bone transplant accidentHospital malpractice or negligencePhysician assistant medical malpractice
botox implant negligenceHyperbaric medicine medical malpracticePlastic surgeon medical malpractice
Blood contamination accidentHypoxia accidentPlastic surgery medical malpractice
Brachial plexus palsy accidentHysterectomy accident or personal injuryPodiatrist medical malpractice
Brain injuryImmunologist medical malpracticePost-partum care medical malpractice
Brain surgeon malpracticeInfectious disease specialist medical malpracticePre-natal care medical malpractice
Breast implant accidentInfertility specialist medical malpracticePre-term labor accident
Breast reduction medical negligenceIntern malpractice or negligencepreventive medicine specialist medical malpractice
Breast re-shaping accidentInternist malpractice or negligencePrescription drug accident
Bronchoscope accidentkidney transplant accidentProsthodontist medical malpractice
Buttocks implant accidentKnee replacement accidentPsychiatrist medical malpractice
Cancer misdiagnosisLaparoscopic surgery accidentPsychologist medical malpractice
Cardiologist medical malpracticeLaser surgeon medical malpracticePulmonologist medical malpractice
Cardiothoracic surgeon medical malpracticeLaser surgery accidentRadiologist medical malpractice
Cardiovascular surgery medical malpracticeLasik eye surgery accidentRadial oncologist medical malpractice
Cerebral palsyLicensed practical nurse medical malpracticeRadiation oncologist medical malpractice
Cesarean section surgery accidentLiposuction medical malpracticeRadial pharmacologist medical malpractice
Chemotherapy accidentliver transplant accidentReconstructive surgeon surgery medical malpractice
Chin implant accidentLung transplant accidentRectal surgeon medical malpractice
Chin reconstruction surgery medical malpracticeMaxillofacial surgeon medical malpracticeRectal surgery accident
Chiropractor medical malpracticeMedical lab malpracticeRegistered nurse medical malpractice
Clinical dietician medical malpracticeMedical professional malpracticeReproductive specialist medical malpractice
Clinical nurse specialist medical malpracticeMedical malpracticeResident medical malpractice
Clinical nutritionist medical malpracticeMedical monitoring equipment accidentRheumatologist medical malpractice
Collagen implant accidentMedical paralysis accidentRhinoplasty accident or personal injury
Colonoscopy accidentMedical product defectRotator cuff surgery injury or accident
Colon surgeon medical malpracticeMedication errorSexual assault by a health care provider
Cosmetic surgeon medical malpracticeMedication dosing errorShoulder dystocia accident
Calf implant accidentMiscarriage accidentSleep medicine specialist medical malpractice
Cornea transplant accidentNerve surgery accident or personal injurySpinal cord injury
Counselor malpracticeNeck surgeon medical malpracticeSports medicine medical malpractice
Critical care specialist malpracticeNeedle biopsy accidentStaff infection accident
Cryogeneticist malpracticeNeonatologist medical malpracticeStem cell transplant accident
Cryogenic medical malpracticeNeonatal nurse medical malpracticeStomach reduction surgeon medical malpractice
Dental malpracticeNephrologist medical malpracticeSuicide treatment medical malpractice
Dermatologist medical malpracticeNerve surgery accidentSurgeon medical malpractice
Doctor malpractice or negligenceNuclear medicine specialist medical malpracticeSurgery accident
Ear surgeon medical malpracticeNeuropsychiatrist medical malpracticeTemporomandibular joint surgeon medical malpractice
Echocardiologist medical malpracticeNeuropsychologist medical malpracticeTeeth implant surgery accident
Electrophysiologist medical malpracticeNeurosurgeon medical malpracticeThoracic surgeon medical malpractice
Emergency physician medical malpracticeNeurologist medical malpracticeTissue transplant surgery accident
Emergency technician (EMT) medical malpracticeNeuroradiologist medical malpracticeTonsillectomy accident
Endocrinologist medical malpracticeNursing home negligenceToxicologist medical malpractice
Endoscopy accident or personal injuryNursing home staff malpracticeTransgender surgery accident
Environmental health specialist medical malpracticeNurse malpractice or negligenceTummy tuck surgery accident
Erbs palsyNurse practitioner medical malpracticeurogynecology medical malpractice
Eye surgeon medical malpracticeObstetrician medical malpracticeUrologist medical malpractice
Epidemiologist medical malpracticeOb/gyn medical malpracticeVasectomy accident
Face surgeon medical malpracticeOncologist medical malpracticeVascular surgeon medical malpractice
Family practitioner medical malpracticeOphthalmologist medical malpracticeVascular surgery accident
Fertility specialist medical malpracticeOptometrist medical malpracticeVenous stent implant accident
Fungal infection accidentOral surgeon medical malpracticeVein surgery accident
Gastroenterologist medical malpracticeOrgan transplant accidentTooth extraction surgery accident
Gastro-reduction surgery accidentOrthodontist medical malpracticeDialysis center negligence
General practitioner medical malpracticeOrthopedic medical malpracticeOral surgery mishap 

The Joe Griffith Law Firm encourages the public to contact the firm and report additional types of medical malpractice or medical negligence which are not covered by the foregoing list.

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