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Top 25 Aviation Disasters, Airline Accidents, Airplane Crashes

1. New York, New York, USA
September 11, 2001
3,000 +/- killed. Boeing 767-200s of American Airlines and United Airlines were intentionally crashed into Manhattan World Trade Center towers by Islamic terrorists.

2. Tenerife, Canary Islands
March 27, 1977
583 killed. KLM Boeing 747-206B collided with a Pan Am Boeing 747-121 on the runway.

3. Tokyo, Japan
August 12, 1985
520 killed. JAL Boeing 747SR-46 crashed into a mountain.

4. Charkhi Dadri, India
November 12, 1996
349 victims. Saudi Arabian Airlines Boeing B747-168B collided in mid-air with a Kazach Ilyushin Il-76TD.

5. Ermenonville, France
March 3, 1974
346 killed. DC-10 Series 10 of THY Turkish Airlines cargo door failed and plane crashed into a forest.

6. Irish Sea
June 23, 1985
329 killed. Air India Boeing 747-237B blown up by a terrorist bomb attack.

7. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
August 19, 1980
301 victims. Saudia L-1011-200 Tristar burst into flames after an emergency landing.

8. Kinshasa, Zaire
January 8, 1996
297 +/- killed. Overloaded African Air Antonov-32 crashed into market place.

9. Persian Gulf
July 3, 1988
290 dead. USS Vincennes accidentally downed Iran Air Airbus A300B2-202.

10. Chicago, Illinois, USA
May 25, 1979
273 dead. American Airlines DC-10 Series 10 crashed due to damaged hydraulics systems.

11. Lockerbie, Scotland
December 21, 1988
270 killed. Pan Am Boeing 747-121A was blown up by Lybian terrorists bomb attack.

12. Belle Harbor, New York, USA
November 12, 2001
269 killed. American Airlines Airbus A300-600R crashed on takeoff.

13. Sakhalin Island, USSR
September 1, 1983
269 killed. Soviet Su-15 downed a Korean Air Lines Boeing 747-230B.

14. Nagoya, Japan
April 26, 1994
264 killed. China Airlines Airbus A300B4-622R crashed.

15. Jiddah, Saudi Arabia
July 11, 1991
261 killed. Nationair Canada DC-8 Super 61 leased to Nigeria Airways caught fire after take-off caused by blown tires.

16. Ross Island, Antartica
November 29, 1979
257 killed. Air New Zealand DC-10 Series 30 flew into polar mountain.

17. Gander, Canada
December 12, 1985
256 killed. Arrow Air Inc. DC-8 Super 63PF crashed during take-off.

18. New York, New York, USA
July 17, 1996
230 killed. TWA Boeing 747-131 crashed into ocean near Long Island, NY.

19. Halifax, Nova Scotia
September 23, 1998
229 killed. Swissair MD-11 crashed into the Atlantic caused by an in-flight fire.

20. Agana, Guam
August 6, 1997
228 killed. Korean Air Lines Boeing 747-300 crashed into a hillside upon approach.

21. Ban Nong Rong, Thailand
May 26, 1991
223 killed. Lauda Air Boeing 767-3Z9ER crashed due to thrust reverser problems.

22. Nantucket, Massachusetts, USA
October 31, 1999
217 killed. EgyptAir 767-366ER crashed into the Atlantic Ocean for unknown reasons.

23. Maharashtra, India
January 1, 1978
213 killed. Air India B-747-237B exploded in mid-air.

24. Uch Kuduk, Uzbekistan, USSR
July 10, 1985
200 killed. Aeroflot Tupolev 154B-2 went into flat spin and crashed.

25. Taipei, Taiwan
February 16, 1998
196 killed. China Airlines Airbus A300 crashed on go-around attempt.

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