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About The Joe Griffith Law Firm, LLC
     Firm Overview
     Attorney Information
         Joseph P. Griffith, Jr.
Practice Areas
     Personal Injury
             Personal Injury Causes
         Automobile Accidents
         Aviation Accidents
             Top 25 Aviation Disasters
             Airlines Operating in North America
         Birth Injury
         Boating & Maritime Accidents
         Burn Injury
         Construction Accidents
         FTCA Claims
         Medical Malpractice
             Medical Malpractice Causes
         Motorcycle Accidents
         Nursing Home Negligence
             Nursing Home Residents' Rights
         Premises Liability
         Prescription Drug Negligence
             Prescription Drug Summaries
         Product Defect Injury
         Spinal Cord Injury
         Tractor Trailer Accidents
         Train and Railroad Accidents
         Traumatic Brain Injury
         Workers' Compensation
         Wrongful Death
     White Collar Crimes
         Antitrust Crimes
             Transparency In Enforcement Maximizes Cooperation From Antitrust Offenders
             Corporate Leniency Policy
             Individual Leniency Policy
             Internal Investigations
             Measuring the Value of Second-In Cooperation in Corporate Plea Negotiations
             The U.S. Model of Negotiated Plea Agreements: A Good Deal With Benefits For All
             Model Annotated Corporate Plea Agreement (Last Updated October 11, 2006)
             Model Annotated Individual Plea Agreement (Last Updated October 11, 2006)
             An Update of the Antitrust Division’s Criminal Enforcement Program
                Sherman Act Violations Yielding a Corporate Fine of $10 Million or More
         Bank Fraud
         Bankruptcy Fraud
         Criminal Conspiracy
         Environmental Crimes
             Environmental Crimes Examples
         Health Care Fraud Crimes
             Health Care Fraud Cases 2005-2006
         Tax Fraud and Evasion Crimes
         Other Crimes
     Business Litigation Claims
         Breach of Contract
         Construction Disputes
         Qui Tam / Whistleblower Claims
         Securities and Stock Fraud Claims
Frequently Asked Questions
     Personal Injury FAQs
     White Collar Crimes FAQs
     Business Disputes FAQs

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