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Causes of Personal Injury

A serious and catastrophic personal injury can arise from a wide variety of causes, including, but not limited to, the following:

All terrain vehicle (ATV)

Farm mishap

Power line accident 

Airbag defect

Fire accident

Prescription drug

Airline accident

Fireworks accident

Professional malpractice 

Air traffic controller’s negligence

Food poisoning accident

Racial discrimination 


Go cart collision

Racial harassment

Amusement park accident

Golf cart accident

Railroad accident

Hand gun accident

Rollercoaster Accident 

Architect’s malpractice

Hang gliding accident

Rotator cuff injury accident

Assault and battery

Hazardous material

Sailboat accident

Automobile accident

Head injury accident

Seatbelt defect accident

Automobile defect

Heavy equipment accident

Aviation accident

Helicopter accident

Back injury accident

Horse accident

Birth injury mishap

Hospital malpractice 

Slip and fall accident

Boat accident

Hunting accident

Scooter accident

Brain injury

Industrial accident

Ship accident

Bridge construction accident

Jet ski accident

Shotgun accident

Building defect

Job injury

Shoulder injury accident

Bungee jumping accident

Knee injury accident


Burn injury

Lawn mower accident

Snow mobile accident

Child care accident 

Legal malpractice

Snow skiing accident

Choking hazard


Spine injury

Construction defect

Machinery injury 

Spinal cord injury

Consumer fraud injury

Medical lab mistake 

Sports accident

Contractor’s malpractice 

Medical malpractice

Sports utility vehicle (SUV) accident

Counselor malpractice 

Medical product defect 

Stairway accident

Crane accident

Minivan accident

Surgical malpractice

Cruise ship mishap

Mold infestation

Surgeon’s malpractice



Swimming pool accident

Defective drugs

Motorcycle accident

Tire defect

Defective products

Motorbike collision

Toxic product

Defective road design accident

Neck injury

Tractor accident

Dental malpractice

Negligent security accident

Tractor trailer accident

Doctor malpractice 

Nerve injury 

Traffic accident

Nurse malpractice

Train accident

Nursing home negligence

Train crossing accident

Eighteen wheeler wreck

Nursing home abuse

Trip and fall accident

Electrical shock 

Occupational disease

Truck accident

Electrocution accident 

Parking lot defect accident

Vehicle accident

Electrical equipment 

Passenger van accident

Water skiing accident

Engineer malpractice 

Paralysis accident 

Welding accident

Environmental accident

Pedestrian accident 

Whiplash accident

Equipment accident

Pharmaceutical accident 

Worker’s compensation claims

Explosion incident

Pharmacist negligence

Water skiing accident

Eye injury accident

Pharmacy malpractice 

Car or van rollover accident

Falling merchandise

Physician malpractice 


Ladder or scaffold accident

Plane accident


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